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Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Components Recalled

Hip replacement components made by Zimmer Holdings, Inc. were recalled in July 2008 after it was learned that the surgical parts did not work properly, forcing many patients to undergo painful and costly additional surgeries to correct the defect. The Durom Cup product was widely used in Europe before a different version of the product was made available in the United States in 2006.

The Durom Cup hip replacement implant is made of cobalt-chromium alloy from a single piece of material. The metal device was implanted in approximately 13,000 American patients before studies showed that approximately 5% of Durom Cup implant patients experienced significant complications following their surgeries.

The Durom Cup was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for hip arthroplasty (total hip replacement). However, physicians who used the Zimmer Durom Cup in patients reported that the component parts failed to properly bond together and would easily slip out of place, causing excruciating pain in patients and forcing more surgeries to implant different devices.

Prominent Orthopedic Surgeon Speaks Out

Problems with the Zimmer Durom Cup were first exposed by Dr. Lawrence Dorr, a prominent Los Angeles orthopedic surgeon who detected problems with the device in his patients. Dr. Dorr reported that 14 of the 165 Durom hip systems implanted at his clinic required additional surgery within two years of the hip-implant surgery to correct problems.

In April 2008, Dr. Dorr issued a public warning about the hip replacement components, prompting Zimmer to conduct its own investigation into the issue. A few months later, the Durom Cup hip replacement was recalled in the United States.

Durom Cup Recalled

Zimmer Holdings announced it was removing its Durom Cup hip replacement component from the U.S. market on July 22, 2008. At the time, Zimmer said it believed the number of these patients who would require replacement surgeries would be low, but surgeons who used the device said hundreds of patients would need new surgeries to correct the problems.

Free Legal Consultation for Zimmer Hip Replacement Patients

If you or a loved one had hip replacement surgery that used a Zimmer Durom Cup, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Law Offices of Jason Mark is offering free legal consultations to all hip replacement patients who have had complications after their surgery. For a free consultation, please complete the inquiry form on any page of this website or call 1-866-50-RIGHTS (1-866-507-4448).

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